People Ask Questions, Dr. Frank Answers By His Theology
This booklet entitled, “People ask questions, Dr. Frank answers by his theology”, is based upon a booklet written by Dr. Ewald Frank of Krefeld Germany in September 2006 entitled, “People ask questions, God answers by his Word”. It contains an elaborate introduction of himself and his ministry and 32 questions and answers. The original booklet can be viewed on Dr. Frank’s website.
This work is to prove, by the written Word and the message of Malachi 4:5-6, that all of his answers, except a few, are unscriptural, off the message and heretical in their presentations. They are based upon damnable heresies which were previously exposed by E.O.D.H Books Nos. 12 & 13. In those expositions he was openly challenged to disprove our work. He was silent since that time. After close examination of his recent booklet, we observed a pattern of defense against certain heresies exposed, and especially upon the subject of adultery, divorce and exposition of his life and ministry. Seemingly, this is his defense against E.O.D.H. Therefore, we willingly entertain his defense and will further expose the work of Dr. E. Frank.
For the better understanding of message believers and those who are caught in the web of Dr. Frank’s theology, we are obliged to include in this booklet, most of his major heresies which E.O.D.H. previously exposed, linking them to heresies which he vaguely included in his booklet. Nevertheless, this exposition will follow the course of his presentation of:
A. Introduction
B. His answers to questions
C. Exposition to his heretical answers
D. Heresies previously exposed, for easy reference, linking each heretical answer to them.
We trust that this work will be of edification to all and bring us closer to the final outpouring of the Holy Ghost for rapture power. Amen.
A further development recently came to our notice, which must be included. The African horse is represented in brother Alexis Bariliers ministry working in collaboration with Dr. Frank’s the German eagle, God’s faithful servant (Matthew 24: 45), the one to follow Malachi 4:5-6.
The following was taken from one of Dr. Frank’s connecting websites:
This is based upon WMB’s vision of a German eagle ridden by an English rider in Africa. Quote W.M.B.: 6-1 “… I guess the closest that ever come of being that strong again was when I was in Zurich, Switzerland, that time when He showed me that German Eagle watching that English horse rider come down through Africa. And He said, “All have sinned and come short of the glory.”(Reproach For The Word 62-1223).
“The past year brought an exceptional harvest time…A great portion of this burden is also shared by…Alexis Barilier.” [Circular Letter November/December 2004.]
People Ask Questions, Dr. Frank Answers By His Theology
“As a doctor of the Holy Scriptures, the Frank brother has itself the spirit of prophecy to include/understand the prophetic Word and to place it where it must be. This is the work of an eagle. It is important to know that this ministry is strictly related to that of the Branham prophet. It is like Moise and Aaron.”
“God associated to him our beloved brother Alexis Barilier, this other apostle of Christ. These two ministries were already symbolised in the vision which had the Branham brother at the time of a passage in Europe, in Zurich. It was a German eagle and a African horse. These two animals symbolized the collaboration of these two ministries, one having the eyes of eagle to take care on work and the other traversing all Africa to spread the message and indicate the way to be followed. These two ministries work with the preparation of the wife.”
“When you disavowed his ministry, do not hope in the removal of the Wife, because all those which disavowed the ministry for the Frank Brother also disavowed the ministry for the Branham brother.”
“According to whether the Lord said, the faithful and careful servant is established on all the house of the Lord, and thus on all the ministries at this time of the end. Thus all the ministries which are claimed of this message of the time of the end must work in agreement with that of Matthew 24.45.”
Preached, Written and Published By
Dalton Bruce December 2006-January 2007.