The Blood Off The Mercy Seat in Heaven is a Satanic Doctrine





It Has Been and always will be the plan of Satan, to misconstrue to the point of explaining away God’s provided way of Salvation through the Blood. He Knows Better than most Religionists, that the Only Way back to God is Through the Blood. He fears and tremble, and is totally helpless before the Blood. Since the Blood of the innocent, spotless Lamb, Jesus Christ met God’s requirement for man’s redemption, to set him free from Sin and Death. From spiritual bondage of Satan Hell, the Lake of Fire, and the second Death. {Rev:20:14-15}




Satan’s only hope, Change plan to the Blood.


Satan only hope against such undefeatable, Antidote against Sin and Death , {John: 3;16} is to explain the Blood away, Misinterpret the Plan to the Blood. Every Soul he snares into that net of deception abides under God’s Condemnation, of Sin and death. “He that believeth not is Condemned already” {John 3:18}



Plan To The Blood Discredited:



Thus in all wisdom, and shrewdness, he devalue and discredit, the power of the Blood, if he cannot get people to accept a Substitute, He changes God plan to get to the Blood, of redemption, by his servants, places a sign at the gate of the narrow way of life by the Blood which reads “NO ENTRY”, and at the Broad way to destruction, “ FREE WAY”.


Satan first attempt to destroy:




God’s provided way of salvation through the Blood, Failed, when he inspired his masterpiece Cain to offer Fruits upon the altar instead of Blood, Like Abel offered and his sacrifice accepted. But Cain offerings of Fruits was rejected of God as evil. Satan’s cunning devise, having been exposed, manifested his vengeance and great disappointment by slaying Abel through his murderous servant, Cain. In a further attempt to destroy the Revelation to the Blood, God’s only provided way of salvation. “And without the shedding of Blood there is no Remission”. {Hebrews:9:22} “For this is the message, that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another. Not as Cain who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother,” because his own work were evil, and his brothers righteous” {1 John 3:11-12} {Genisis 4;3-8}



Cain, Pattern, Of Carbon Copies.



Cain, the masterpiece of Satan and his bloodless religion was the original Pattern of many carbon copies of False prophets, with the same inspired doctrine of Satan explaining away the plan to the blood of the Cross of Jesus Christ, needless to say, he has captured and imprisoned, billions of souls by his cunning devises.



This plan of Satan is evident from the Garden of Eden, with Cain and Abel, up to this present time of revealed Bible truths, When misguided souls in the form of preachers, Pastors, and Prophets, teach that the Blood is off the mercy seat in Heaven. “No entry” But now upon the Altar of their hearts, and to obtain Salvation all must come to their Throne of Grace, “ Free way”. This is the broad way to destruction, trying to shut up the narrow way of life through the Blood of Jesus Christ.



Root Of Doctrine in Mother Church:



This teaching is devilish, from the darkest dungeons of Hell, which has its roots in Mystery Babylon, the Mother church {Rev:17}. They teach also that forgiveness of Sins is by them the Church, and in particular the Priesthood, who by the power of prayer change the bread to the body of Christ, and the wine into the Blood of Christ, church members partake of the communion hoping that they are forgiven of their Sins, It’s not guaranteed by their Priesthood.



No Difference Of Doctrine On Remission:



There is no significant difference of this doctrine, of the Mother church, who assumes power on earth to remit Sins and these, supa-dupa, Blood-less international evangelists, Prophets, and Pastors Who assumes power on earth to remit Sins, As if heaven has lost it’s Power to forgive sins, or has surrendered it to these ignoramases, Impossible! It’s Antichrist Doctrine, brewed in the pots of lost Souls, who have lost their way to the Blood.



Scriptural Application To Remit Sins:



It is a simple and common, 2000 years old doctrine of the Bible, that Christ in {John Ch.20:23-24} told his Disciples “Whosoever sins ye remit they are remitted unto them” ,but there is a right scriptural application. The Crucified Lamb first ascended and became both the high Priest and the Sacrifice He Mediates between God and Men, From that Holy sanctuary, in Heaven. {1Timmothy 2:5}.



By this irreversible appointment of God high Priest, Christ, him remaining there upon the altar, the early church had power to remit sins. By the preaching of the Gospel, the Sins of the Believers was remitted by Faith, revelation, after they believed Peter, then Peter said “Repent And be Baptized in the Name Of Jesus Christ for the Remission of sins” {Acts 2:38} God isn’t going to hunt and take for himself, a few thousand people of this age, it’s the very Elect out of every age! And that’s the reason Christ has to stay on the Mediatorial Seat, back there an as intercessor until that last one comes in at the last age {Seals Page. 132, 1963} “ The Body of Jesus is on the Throne of God, but he uses our body to Manifest through, Just like he promised to do.” {Testimony on the sea 1964}



Certainly a true Servant Of God, a Vindicated Prophets, Know God’s simple Plan, of redemption and can simply stress the fact that Christ must stay on the Mediatorial seat until the last Soul comes in at the last age Also while his Body is upon the throne, he work through our bodies, This is in absolute agreement with the word, [Hebrews Ch:7,8,9} {John 20:23:24}.



Error, built on BABYLONS Foundation



Where can these idiots, bastard born preachers find a foundation for their presumptuous conception only in the mother church, and foundation of Babylon.



The Messenger of Revealed Bible Truths



{Revelation 10:7, 3:14} believed what these writings are expressing, Christ has to stay in his Mediatorial office in Heaven until the last soul is sealed away into the body of Christ What do you believe? Examine closely your Pastor’s beliefs if he speaks Contrary to the law and, the Prophets, there is no Light Revelation in Him, then you are not under the Blood, no light to walk in, No Blood to cleanse you. “If we walk in the light the Blood of Jesus Christ His son Cleanse us from all Unrighteousness” {1 John-1:7} if there is no altar of Sacrifice in Heaven where is the sacrifice for sin laying? The Lamb, there has to be a Place where that slain Lamb (Bloody) Is Laying there where the blood is. If there is no sacrifice on the altar, then the prayers cannot be received. It’s only by the blood on the sacrificial altar, that lets the prayer go through to God {Seals Page 386}



Are you, as a Believer so spiritually ignorant of the word and message of God to sit under such tommyrot as “the Blood is off the Mercy Seat in Heaven”? Then you must believe that your prayers are not going through to God; where does that leave you? Pinch yourself wake up little eagles! Snap out of that Hell oriented doctrine, it will damn your soul to Hell. Look revealed Bible Truth in it’s Face.



Do you rely upon blood on Pastor’s Altar?



If you rely upon the blood upon your Pastor’s altar, because you choose to believe that the blood is off the mercy seat in heaven and now only upon the human altar; then you must believe that your prayer comes through your Pastor to God; then he is your mediator (the go-between between you and God).
Such heresy automatically puts you into the ‘mother church’, mystery Babylon, where all prayers must come through her priesthood, and Saints unto God. This is idolatry, and worship of a walking idol.



God’s plan, blood on Heavenly Altar.



This is contrary to God’s plan as spoken by His messenger that the bloody sacrifice, Jesus the Lamb, must be laying upon the Altar in Heaven before our prayers go through to God.
Prayer goes through the bloody sacrifice, the Corporal Body of the Lord. Is the Body of Jesus in your Pastor or Prophet? Is the literal blood upon his altar? Absolutely not. Then your prayer falls back on your head.



Missed the Plan to the Blood



Any of God’s children that is caught in the snare and trap of Satan, has certainly missed the plan to the blood because none can appropriate the blood, bypassing God’s Heavenly Altar and relying upon their Prophets’, Pastors’ or Evangelists’ altar. No, it’s darkness on the Word of God, and to appropriate the blood you must walk in the Light (1 John 1:7)



Preachers walk in darkness



When any preacher opens his mouth to teach that the blood is off the mercy seat, immediately he confesses that he is in darkness, out from under the blood, not born again, nor sealed with the Holy Ghost. If you want life you should walk away from him and stay with revealed Bible truths, sent unto us by God, through his messenger, Malachi 4, Rev. 10:7.



7 Seals revealed, yet blood on Altar



If a preacher lack the spirituality and revelation, to comprehend, how the 7 Seals could be revealed and the bloody Lamb is yet on the sacrificial Altar in heaven, he is certainly not fit for the pulpit, especially when he would preach such a heresy as ‘the blood is off the mercy-seat’, in order to facilitate the preaching of the prophetic fulfillment of the opening of the Seals (Rev.5;6) in 1963



Real elected children of God cannot hand their soul salvation upon such idolatrous doctrine that has it’s roots in mystery Babylon, but will adhere to God’s Voice of correction that rightly divides the Word of truth, keeping the Sacrifice upon the heavenly altar until the last soul is sealed, and yet able to preach the Revealing of the Seals in our age, and remission of sins by the true Church. Amen.



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