The Spotless Lamb Impersonated




The Weakest impersonator upon earth is one that impersonates the Lamb of God, the sinless Son of God, Jesus Christ, since he as a sinner tries to impersonate the sinless one, The innocent Lamb of God, being fully Conscious of his own sinful nature and appetites of the flesh. He is hyprocrital to his own self, over comed by proud ambitious objectives.



Office of the Lamb, Greatest.



To assume the office of the innocent Lamb, is to assume the greatest position in heaven and earth. The Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb, was God Manifested in human flesh Emmanuel,{God with Us} {Matt:1:23}



In the Beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And The word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us and we beheld his glory as the only begotten of the Father full of Grace and Truth” {John.1:1, 14-15}


Antichrists Assumes, Lambs Office



Thus when a man assumes the position of the innocent Lamb, upon earth, he claims to be God in human flesh, and is Antichrist, fulfilling Bible prophecy for the Last days.
“ For there shall arise false Christ’s and shall shew great signs and wonders, In so much that if it were Possible, they shall deceive the very elect. {Matthew:24:24}



Lamb In A spiritual sense.



These are not altogether claiming to be”Jesuses” But anointed of God,{Christ means, the anointed one} False Christ’s means anointed ones, These are false prophets, who claims to have God’s tabernacle in their human flesh They are God’s Mercy Seat, the Blood is upon their altars, In a certain spiritual sense, they are the Lamb of God , forgiveness of sins, must come through them , their Ministry and Doctrines.



Lamb on Earth, Doctrine Of Babylon



This is Antichrist Doctrine plumb down to the foundation of Mystery Babylon when in 325 AD the Mother Church {Rev:17} Crowned a Holy man in place of the Son of God, The infallible one, Perfect, Spotless Lamb, God’s mercy seat on Earth, with Power to remit sins. His ordained, highly Intellectual Priesthood has Power invested in them by the Infallible one, to turn wine into the Blood of Jesus Christ.



Lamb Idol.



All those who believe such teachings are built upon the foundations of Mystery Babylon. Never mind being identified with revealed Bible Truths, sent by God to this last age. When Satan perverts the plan to the Blood, putting it into a man, making him the Lamb of God, And from there you receive remission of Sins, Satan has taken away your only hope of salvation and has given you an Idol Identical with that of the Mother church.



Blasphemous, Self-exalted Mediator.



All that assume such Position on Earth has Blasphemously self-exalted themselves as mediators between God and men {1 Tim;25} and is Antichrist, Impersonating Hypocrites, incarnated devils in the endtime trying to deceive the very elect if it were possible. “ But all whose Name as was not found written in the book of life, form the foundation of the world [Rev;17;8} {13;8} was received”.





If your Name is written in the Lambs book of life, and you are truly cleanse by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, and bored again, of his spirit, you cannot stomach such doctrines of idolatry, with roots going down to Babylon and which exits in Hell and the Lake of fire. Your Soul will scream out, Idolatry! , Idolatry! , Idolatry! And you will flee the presence of Evil.



God’s Established Mediarorial program.



God has an established plan of redemption, which he fore shadowed in the Old Testament.



Literal Sacrifice, Blood and Altar
By his various laws of Sacrifices A Literal Blood sacrifices was placed upon a literal altar, the prayer of the sinner went through , to God by the bloody Sacrifice, The sins of the sinner was covered.



Literal Body, Blood,Altar in Heaven



God made a Supreme sacrifice upon Calvary, with his own Son, the Lamb without blemish, John said “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh the sin of the world” {John 1;29} {John 3;16}
After his resurrection, he yet had those wounds on his hands, sides, and feet. He asked Thomas to put his hands into his side, then Thomas believed.



The literal, Resurrected body of our Lord Jesus ascended into heaven, and was placed upon a Literal altar of sacrifice.



High Priest, Mediator



He assumed the office of high priest, mediator between god and men. He must stay there as Mediator until the last soul comes, into the body of Christ, the church, {Heb ch 7,8,9}



This is Gods Program, his order, the literal blood must be upon the altar, and the high priest must mediate through the blood for the believer if the bloody sacrifice is removed from the Sanctuary, the Mercy seat becomes the Judgement seat. "He that is filthy will remain Filthy And he that is Holy will remain Holy "{Rev;22-11} This was the same order in the Old Testament, when the Blood was removed from the altar it became a Judgement seat. Back there and now God’s provided way for Salvation is by remission of sins is the same. The literal blood and sacrifice must be upon the Literal Altar for the high priest to Mediate for the sinner or his prayer cannot go through to God. This was confirmed by Malachi 4 God’s Messenger.



Altar of Sacrifice.



“If there is no altar of sacrifice in heaven, where is the sacrifice for sin laying? The lamb, There has to be a place where that slain Lamb. {Blood} is laying there where is the blood. If there is no sacrifice on the altar than the prayers cannot be received.



It’s only by the Blood on the sacrificial altar, that lets the prayers go through to God [Seals Pg. 386.



This held true for the days of the early church, who had power on earth to remit sins, {John 20:23} Only after the Lamb ascended and stayed on the altar. There was no other way, and there is no other way today.



If the lambs left the mercy seat in 1963 and the blood is off the mercy seat, in heaven, according to God infallible program the church has no power on earth to remit sins, and much less Powerless is an impersonator.



No Blood, No Power to Remit Sins.



Thus all these blood-less preachers, and their blood–less religious are found to be messengers Of death, for ‘ without the shedding of blood is no remission” {Heb 9 }
No Blood upon the altar in heaven means no power on earth to forgive sins. All, who preachers that the blood is off the Mercy seat, exposes themselves as powerless to the Church to remit sins. In a Scriptural manner.



Spotted goats, Rank Sinners



Thus the {so Called} Spotless Lambs are spotted Goats. Infallible ones are rank sinners fit for the Lake of Fire, They have no blood upon their human altars, but corrupt fruits like their progenitor Cain and it rejected of God, as evil works. Like Cain their countenance will fall at this writing, and any true preaching of that the blood of Christ is yet upon the altar in Heaven, And may-well stir up their anger wrath even murder against God’s elect, as Abel died with his Sacrifice. “ He sat upon his throne that is where Christ is now till the time appointed” {Seals Pg. 132}

“ Come while the mediator as far as I know, is still on the throne Making intercessions” {Seal Pg 113}



This is the Voice of the messenger who god revealed the Seals unto, while the seals were being Revealed, He kept on saying “ Christ is now on the Altar Interceding and even after 1963. Who is that spotted, sinful, and blood-less goat to change the words of the Messenger. Let him be accursed {Gal ;8-9} The only reason that any man would want to change the words of the messenger



Wants To Be Lamb On Earth



Upon this subject, saying “ The Lamb left the throne” is because he wants to be the Lamb upon earth, to be idolized, as prefect, spotless, infallible most spirituals, has the most revelation on the 7 thunders and riding the trail again as the Indian Chief.



There’s only one Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ, He is now in heaven as God’s high Priest all others that claim such are antichrist and false Prophets who contradicts the word and the messengers God {Mal 4} but Worthy is the Lamb. When the word exposes those false prophets, they wiggle, and slide themselves out of it upon their bellies, deceit and lies are in their Tongues. As they try to tell their congregations that they misunderstood the subject in their preaching. But their teaching is plan that the Blood is off the Mercy Seat, And now in them. With a super Spiritual one as the spotless Lamb. Minister, Sons of Thunders draw the Blood out of the Lamb, he gets weak, when it’s over done. Blasphemy! Even as the red dragon had spoken.



They come to you dressed like the Spot-less Lamb, but has the Nature of wolves.



“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them" {Matthew 7:16-19} close examination of these spotless Goats Proves that they are yet in their evil Nature Adulterers, money lovers, proud arrogant, Sport fans, T.V. Holly Wood Lovers. It does not matter if they preach 14 thunders, 7 trumpets, or 7 vials, and are the greatest orators, they love the world therefore the love of God is not in them and they are not the spotless Lamb.

“ Thou hast neither part nor lot in this Matter; for thy heart is not right in the sight of God.”

Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee.

For I receive that thou art in the call of bitterness, and in the bond of Iniquity”
{Acts 8:21-23} Amen



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