Exposition of Damnable Heresies
Ganism Denounced Beware



"For such [are] false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ". {II CORINTHIANS 11:13}


Beware of Ganism, Mr. Richard Gan the false apostle and deceitful worker who plans to visit several African states: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda in the Month of April 2004. Beware of his agents, as most of them seek after money and not truth. They have wearied this publication with their begging for money. They pretend to believe the message and teachings of other ministers which are published. They have betrayed, sacrificed, and surrendered the souls of their flocks to the Isms, Heresies and devilish doctrines of Gan, who has perverted most of the established teachings of Brother Branham, Malachi 4:5-6. {W.M.B}. This man is so corrupt, that he has even changed the normal marriage practices. His daughter was wedded recently and he has a picture on his website where he is unveiling the bride instead of the husband. We need to ask this Heretic what is the meaning of unveiling his daughter? Is he sending a message to the world of another damnable heresy or indicating a corrupt practice?

We appeal to all faithful believers of the message to boldly resist this heretic and his agents in your region and country.

He denies that Brother Branham was a prophet: Proclaims that he is an apostle chosen to lay the foundation for the church: 7 men are to reveal the 7 thunders: Mixed marriages are not unscriptural: A divorce woman can be re-married and many other heresies which are contrary to the word and message. However his aggressive attitude, with that of his agents is sufficient to help the humble in heart to grasp that his works are of Satan and inspired from the pit of Hell!

Many without careful examination of his doctrines accepted him as a brother and preacher of the message later denounced him and his heresies. When they found out by his publication that he don't believe W.M.B or his message but seeks to destroy it. Is he hired by the Jesuits is the question of message believers. Others say that he is insane and are trying to verify if he is a mental patient in Singapore since rumors have it that way.

To convince, and snare innocent souls to his cult, He exports books; tapes etc and publish on his website letters, some old letters of commendation written to him about his work by some who had not known the depths of his satanic ministry. He refuses to pull down such letters, even after people denounced his cult, and commanded him to remove their letters. He is a shameless hypocrite, deceitful worker trying to use every form of guile to convince and enslave innocent souls.

Exposition of damnable heresies dealt him many blows by listing his heresies in comparison with W.M.B doctrine on books 2,8 etc. He is enraged like Lucifer and has entitled his own teachings quoted "Lies of Dalton Bruce", since he has no defense against the word and refuses to admit that his heresies are of the Devil and the bottomless Pit. The following are letters, of some who have denounced him. You can do likewise if you are trapped by this heretic and his heresies! Is your letter advertised on his website without your knowledge and consent? Then you are identified with his heresies. Beware of Gan's cunning devices



Mr. Gan, I write to protest and to kick against my name that has been appearing on your website as one of the great supporters of your HERESIES. What is the madness with you? Please, for your own good, I don't want to see my name on your website again. You better pull it down immediately, for your own good, or else I will declare it to the whole world that you are an ANTICHRIST and INSANE. I have studied and followed your teachings for some time, and have come to realize that you are an ANTICHRIST, working for your father the DEVIL, and your teachings and the doctrines you propagate is from the bottomless pit of HELL. Mr. mad man, I would that you repent and pray for deliverance. Mr. mad man, I vow to do everything possible to break your stronghold on innocent souls who are already caged and deadly drunk with your poisonous doctrines in this part of the world. YOUR WORST ENEMY of your heresies---CHUKS.


Reply Letter To Bethel:


Beloved Brethren, I write in defense of your question, regarding my relationship with Gan and the appearance of my name on his website as a great supporter of his devilish ministry.

To start with, I was very shocked and dismayed when Brother Gaitan informed me of such, which I never had knowledge of. Brethren, the truth is this, and I will also want you to investigate the matter in which ever way you desire; I never had any other dealing with Gan in time past, other than requesting for sermon books of the prophet (Bro. Branham), but he end up sending me his sermons, which actually, not knowing that he was the devil's anointed false preacher in this end time to deceive many. Gan was able to deceive many of us then, because we saw him as an end time message believer. We never knew he was preaching heresies and was infusing death to us through his teachings, and being that we were seriously thirsty, hungry and destitute of the truth, we fell then so easily to his prey, out of ignorance and lack of knowledge of the message we believe.

I express my joy and gladness over the great deliverance the Lord did wrought in my life and in the lives of some of our brethren in this part of the world through your wonderful bombshells (EXPOSITION OF DAMNABLE HERESIES), which really checked us and made us to know that most of the people we are holding in high esteem in the faith, including Gan, were only covering themselves with cloak of Malachi 4, but inwardly, they are wolves in sheep clothing, working for their father, the devil.

Please, I categorically declare to you and to the entire world that I stand for nothing less than the message that was restored back to us by the only prophet of God to this generation (William Marrion Branham). I know no other prophet, neither am I a follower or a supporter of the bottomless pit ministry of Mr. Gan. I strongly stand in support of what the Lord is doing through my precious brethren of like precious faith in Bethel, and I am ready to lay down my life in contending for the faith and in defense of the book (EXPOSITION OF DAMNABLE HERESIES). Please help me with a very large quantity of the books. There are great demands for them. We can't even boast of a copy on our library shelves.

Thanks. Yours faithful Brother, CHUKS ABRAHAMS.




Beloved brother,
Greetings in the most exalted name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and peace from our Father above.

I write in appreciation for your loving kindness to those of us in this part of the world. In fact, I must confess that your write-ups and messages have been a great source of inspiration to our spiritual growth, most especially to me personally, though we misunderstood your messages and teachings in the first place, as we were misinformed by some of the old brethren who had been in the faith before us, who told us to avoid requesting or reading your books (messages) because you have erred from the faith.

It was not until early last year that I began to deeply study your messages, and came to realize that I had been brainwashed by the so-called old timers in the faith, and that all I had been told or heard about you and your teachings are all fables and fallacies. In fact, when I began to watch and study things closely, I saw that a very dangerous and deadly spirit of pride, competition and jealousy had completely overtaken the end time message ministers, that once they see anyone among them with more revelation, insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, they term him a heretic, or declare that he has erred from the faith.

My sincere prayer always to the Lord is that He will indeed have mercy upon every one of us in Jesus' name, amen.
Your Brother Missionary Chuks Abrahams Akute Church, Ogun State, Nigeria [Letter signed: 21-04-03].






Dear Brother Bruce,
God bless you my Brother. It is wonderful to read all the heretical teachings of this Brother from Singapore. I have also read some of his books that contradict the Prophet's message. I disagree with it. As if his messages are all condemnable and destructive revelation. Yes, he claims to be one of the Apostles but never respect the Prophet of this age. Brother Branham said that he preached what Paul preached. If he is a true Apostle, then he should preach what the prophet preached.

I found some of his followers in the big City of Manila and also in the island of Mindanao. They are very arrogant. They look at us as if we are not message believers. They also concluded that the message today is of no use. It's futile. They said that was only seasonal and not food for all seasons. I was asking where we could find these seven men today. They could not produce even one. How could we believe on his messages when in fact it looks like a fiction, immaterial and groundless? Brother Branham said that if your revelation will not dovetail to the Scripture, then forget it. But this man does not like to forget his false teaching.

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to open a Radio program again so that we can tell the poor saints to refrain from these people who are followers of this Brother. This is one sure way of proclaiming the truth to all the members of the Bride. Please continue to uphold this urgent request about the Broadcast, my Brother.

Thank you for your endeavors. This is all my Brother. God bless you and all the saints in your church.
Yours in His service, L.V





Mr. Gan perverted "Zechariah 3:8-9 - "For behold the stone that I have laid before Joshua; upon one stone shall be seven eyes: behold, I will engrave the graving thereof, saith the LORD of hosts..."

His doctrine states, that scripture is being fulfilled today after the Ministry of Brother Branham and Zechariah 3:8-9. The seven eyes upon one stone are seven men, Apostles, that will receive the seven thunders fulfilling the trump of God to bring the dead from the grave".

Brother Branham took Zechariah the 3rd Chapter and Zechariah the 4th Chapter 10th verse and he applied it to the Seven Messengers of the Seven Church Ages. I defy this heresy upon the basis of the words of the anointed Elijah that took Zechariah Chap. 3 and Chap. 4 and applied it to the seven men in the Seven Church Ages bringing the Seven Church Age messages {page 248-249}. Therefore this heresy has no foundation to stand upon, I defy it as heretical, hell oriented and satanic and call the heretic to repentance and all that follow him to repentance. I call all the congregations to repentance, and to turn loose of this heresy! W.M.B. said as follows:


"God uses man and man only. God doesn't use machinery. God doesn't use groups men. God doesn't use organizations. God uses individuals always." (Perfect Faith 63-0825E pg. 9). "It can't come to a group never did, one man, that's what God promised. (Trying to Do God A Service, 65-1127, par. 219) "Tell me when God ever used a group to lead. You won't find it in the Bible. One man, the Word came to Moses. Korah we all know that he got himself, and complained about God not being just to do a thing, like that to make one man with the message. And remember, Jude speaks the same thing in the last day." ( Why It Had To Be Shepherds, 64-1221, para 153)



"You can't go under a group of men. I defy anytime that it ever went, God ever did use a group of man. He uses one man. Exactly. One man at a time, cause two men's got two opinions. One man! Exactly right. Notice now, every dispensation it's been that way, all the way down through."(The end time Evangelism, Jeff, Ind.,62-0603. page 27).



"Each time he appeared on the earth at the end of an age, He always sent a man and anointed him with the Holy Ghost, Christ …. Now He can't do it in a group. You can't do it. It just never has been done. He never did use a group, never did. He uses one single person." (The Identified Christ of all Ages. Louisville Series, 64-0401 Page 7).


This heretic Gan teaches that Brother Branham is not a prophet. Are his followers that blind that they cannot see and understand the simplicity of the scripture, which says:


"Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:
And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse".
{Malachi 4:5-6}


The major Prophet Malachi 4:5-6 has spoken by the word of God, who do you believe Gan the heretic, deceiver and false apostle or God and his Prophet? Choose the way of the Lord faithful pilgrims, be bold and defiant like those who have denounced Ganism to save their souls and their congregations.
Repent or perish!