Radio Broadcast #21


We greet all our listeners in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I will try to approach a very controversial subject of what really happened in the Garden of Eden between the Serpent and Eve, and I know that this subject is very much disliked by the organizations, theologians and the great super spiritual men, but I send forth another challenge for any theologian to come and refute the things that I am saying on this subject.


"And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise; she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband also with her; and he did eat. And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons." (Gen.3:6-7).


Many religious people who belong to organizations, project the idea that what went on in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve and the Serpent, was the eating of an apple. Others came up with other bright ideas and they allow that to be an Apricot: May we examine this morning, even the literal scripture. I want my listeners to closely observe, especially if you are a Bible reader: This fruit is a very strange fruit, because when they did eat this so-called "Apple", it happened that their eyes were opened, and it brought them to the realization that they were naked. I have not read anywhere, where people could eat apples and it helps them to realize that they are naked.

There are a lot of three-quarter naked women on the streets today, walking around in their underclothes; and if the apples would cause them to realize that they are immoral, and they are shameless, and they are naked, in front of their grandchildren and children and in front of other men; causing other men to lust after them, and yet proclaim themselves to be Christians, and if they believe that it was an apple that Eve ate in the Garden of Eden, I believe that we should give them the apples again. Even from common sense, reasonable thinking, if it was the natural fruit, of an apple, it does not have those potentials. If there was a fruit in the Garden of Eden that helped the man and the woman to understand that they were naked, therefore I am emphatically stating here, that could not have been a natural fruit. It was written in a parable form.

After eating that fruit, God never did curse Adam and Eve's mouth; He never told them that they were too greedy, but they came to the realization that they were naked; and notice the curse that came upon Eve: "I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children..." Immediately, when God came down to curse Eve, and the serpent, for that wicked act, the Lord attached that right away to childbearing. I believe that a blind man ought to see that; I believe that we ought to understand the scriptures in the way in which it was written; and any common sinner, a man don't have to be a theologian or a Bible scholar, with a little bit of common sense he should understand. If it were a natural fruit God would have cursed their mouths or their bellies for eating a natural fruit.

Another thing again, the Lord will have a law in the scripture, "thou shall not eat apples", if apples caused all the problems in the world. If It started in the Garden of Eden, where eating an apple caused the problems in the world, of all the bloodshed; all the murders, all the graves; all the wars; all the sickness, all the sorrows and all the troubles in the world today, why is there not a law in Genesis or any part of the scripture that says, "thou shall not eat apples?" It is dumb to believe such a doctrine. Yet the people, the religious men, they are excused today even because that mystery of what we call the "mystery of the Serpent Seed", the mystery of what took place between the serpent and Eve, including Adam, was hid from the foundation of the world, and it was sealed up in the Bible. Yes! It was a mystery to be revealed in the end time. That is why it is so strange upon the ears of real wonderful Christians; good preachers; good people that want to understand the scripture.

Any sinner, any intellectual man, any theologian that want to understand the simplicity of the recorded scriptures concerning that fruit, your intelligence should tell you that could never be an apple, it could never be an apricot, it got to be something else. It is even represented right here in Genesis. It is saying that, "I shall multiply thy conceptions…", speaking to the woman, "…and in pain and in sorrow shall thou bring forth…", therefore, that fruit had to do with reproduction. That fruit had to do with bringing man into the world. That has to do with family life, that has to do with an act between a male and a female. I believe it. That mystery was hid from the foundation of the world.

In Rev. 10:7: "But In the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." We have a promise here in the Bible that the mysteries that were shut up in the Book; and all the prophets declared them, they themselves never understood that, even like Daniel who said, "I saw but I understood not", and then he was told by the angel to "close the Book and to shut up the Words, until the time of the end..." We are those people that have come to the time of the end. I am here to let you know that the seventh angel did sound. He was the last and Seventh Church Age messenger that God sent upon the face of the earth today to declare these mysteries and call back the church to Himself, call back the church to the written Word of God. There are many other mysteries that were revealed; the mystery of iniquity; the mystery of righteousness; godliness; the mystery of predestination; the mystery of the Godhead. But we are not centralizing our attention upon those other mysteries, but our attention is upon this most controversial subject.

Theologians, and great Bishops and Archbishops and swellheaded men think they have a point against William Branham, because he preached the Seed of the Serpent and say that it was not a natural fruit, but, it was adultery in the Garden of Eden that Eve committed with the serpent and we believe that. They realized that they were naked. An apple don't make people realize that they are naked, when we have all these women upon the streets today walking around like "Legion" without clothes. You eat how much apple that you want, and you don't realize that you are naked. That fruit in the Garden of Eden was not an apple, it was something else that had to do with childbirth. It had to do with the conception of women. It had to do with pains and sorrows, and that is the way she conceive her children and the way that she brought forth her children into the world. The Bible says that, "Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble." Since she brought forth man into the world; all that man was born unto was sorrow, and we see what caused the fall in the Garden of Eden was none other than adultery. None other than the way man came into the world through sexual indulgence.

The reason, for the virgin birth is that Christ could not come by a corrupt act of sex, that caused the fall of the world. How can He be a Redeemer and how can He redeem fallen man? That is why He came through the virgin, apart from sexual indulgence, and even Joseph was commanded by the Angel not to even touch his wife until the child was born. That thing was so corrupt it was; never God's intention to bring mankind into the world through the method of family-life, through this method of union between husband and wife. Yes! Common sense could tell you that. If that was the perfect will of God for Man, eating that fruit in the Garden of Eden, Jesus would surely have come that way. Notice that every man that comes from a woman is under the sentence of death, "For it is appointed unto him once to die and after death is the judgment." People are ignorant, and the very source, that God has sent today to open up these mysteries, and bring the truth to man to tell them what happened in the Garden of Eden, is the Ministry of the Seventh Angel.

The ministry of the seventh Angel sounded today, in our day, and was not an angel but a messenger from Almighty God. You could put Rev. 3:14 together with that, and we were supposed to have a Messenger to the Laodicean Age. Many full-gospel people believe in a Laodicean Age, but Rev. 3:14 says that there is a Messenger angel to the Laodicean Age. Why don't they obey Him? Why don't they receive his Message? He came with a message to rebuke them, Yes! and they rejected his Message. That's the same one in Rev. 10 and 7 that was supposed to sound forth the mysteries in the endtime. That's the same one of Mal. 4:5-6, that was supposed to come in the endtime as Elijah the prophet. This is one and the self-same ministry. This is the "great one" called Elijah, the prophet. This is that one who was anointed by the Spirit of Elijah, no other than the great prophet of God that was sent into the world today called William Branham. We are not ashamed of him or his Ministry neither the people that represents this Message around the world.

I send forth this challenge today. I challenge any theologian; any man; any woman; any boy; any girl to disprove what I am saying of what happened in the Garden of Eden. Eve committed adultery with the Serpent. You say How can that be?" even because the serpent was not a crawling reptile. Genesis 3:1, the Bible says, "… and the beast was more subtle than all the bests of the field…." It never said it was a snake. No. The beast was not like the other animals. If you notice, he was an upright figure. He was not a crawling reptile. He had hands. He had feet. He had a mouth to speak. That serpent was an upright figure. He was next to man. That is why science today cannot find the missing link between man and chimpanzee, even because it was the serpent in the Garden of Eden; He was so close to man that this Serpent did speak and he did quote the Scripture and he communicated with Eve. That's a funny serpent, not this serpent that you are thinking about. You are thinking about a snake, but the Bible is speaking about a beast and the beast was the missing link between man and chimpanzee and he had intelligence. Yes! And he preached what God said, and he communicated by voice to Eve. It was not a snake. Snakes don't talk. It was a beast, yes, and it was an upright figure. Notice that when he committed that act with Eve, God now put him on his belly and He said "…. upon thy belly shall thou go…"

I am proving to you, if you are an unbeliever in the opening of the mysteries, that the serpent was walking on two feet. Only when he got the curse, did the curse put him on his belly to go and lick the dust of the Earth. There are many proofs in the scripture. Number one, to prove the Serpent Seed is not a fruit, it caused their eyes to be opened; to help them to understand that they were naked and also made them wise. What kind of wisdom they got. There was a certain special wisdom that they got and that was the wisdom of bringing forth children into the world by the union of father and mother. The second evidence, that I am putting to you here, as a Bible reader, is the curse that followed. The curse that followed was that the woman was going to have pains and sorrows to bring forth her children.

Another evidence, that God never put in Genesis a Law that says, "thou shall not eat apples or apricots." But, there is a scripture that says, "Thou shall not commit adultery" even because that was the problem in the Garden of Eden. That is the thing that corrupts today, that is why we have so much domestic violence. That is the reason for many killings upon the earth. That is the reason for many orphans, that is the reason for many renegade children, even because of an adulterous spirit; and that adulterous spirit started in the Garden of Eden

It corrupted the world in the Garden of Eden in the days of Noah, throughout the ages of the Gentile, and it is sill corrupting the world today. The greatest sin that anybody could commit today is the sin of adultery, fornication and all different kinds of perversions. That is why we are back today to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the greatest perversion of sexual knowledge is today upon the face of the earth.

And here we are…. If you do not believe in the seed of the Serpent, tell me, why man must be born again? When our Lord came to the world He said, "Ye must be born again." (St. John 3:3). Why is it that a man must be born again? Even because, my friends, you are born wrong. You are born by sexual indulgence, yes, the sin that happened in the Garden of Eden. Yes! And being born that way, you receive a corrupt nature and a corrupt spirit. We have the desire for the things of the world, we want to do right, but we came here and met evil. We want to stop drinking; but the appetite is there. You want to stop committing adultery; but the appetite is there. You want to dress like a lady, but the appetite is there. You want to stop cursing; but the appetite is there. You want to stop smoking; but the appetite is there. Yes, …… you want to stop marijuana, cocaine; but the appetite is there. What is causing that? Your intention is good, your desires are good, but you are helpless because you came the wrong way into the world. "That which is born of the flesh," Jesus said, "is flesh, that which is born of the Spirit is spirit; marvel not I say unto thee ye must be born again."

Mr. Theologian, why do you preach you must be born again? If we are born right. If our first birth is the right birth, why do you preach, " ye must be born again"? Mr. Wayside preacher why do you preach, ye must be born again? Every time you preach you must be born again; you are telling a man he was born the wrong way; and that is the truth. We were born the wrong way. We were born by the knowledge that was in that tree; the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That represents Satan himself. Yes, and the Tree of Life represents Jesus Christ; theologians know that. Theologians know very well that the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden is Jesus Christ. Why would they want to make the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil "a tree" that was planted in the Garden? It was not a natural tree. A tree represents a "being". Trees represents men. In the Garden of Eden that tree was Satan himself; and Satan means a spirit who came by and anointed the Serpent and demon-possessed him. After he demon-possessed him, Satan through the serpent went there and corrupted the mind of Eve; and enticed her. Afterwards he committed adultery with Eve. Afterwards God was angry, because adultery should not be committed. Adultery today is evil and there is a Law that says, "Thou shall not commit adultery." Not thou shall not eat apple, no but the mysteries are revealed today, and you could go free. You could be born again of the spirit and get away from that corruptible nature. The reason that our Lord Jesus Christ in His day preached "Ye must be born again" is because He had a full knowledge of what happened in the Garden of Eden and He knew that every man that came into the world is corrupt and under the sentence of Death. No religion could change your nature or your appetites. No religion could convert you. Only Jesus Christ. Only Jesus Christ can change that nature.

True Christianity is a change of nature. That's what it is. There is an inspiration that comes over you and take away all your appetites for the things of the world! Not church joining, yes, not having your name on a membership card, but it is an inspiration through the Holy Spirit that changes your appetite. That is the true meaning of this message. That's the true meaning of the Bible. That is the true meaning of Christianity. That is what God sent Jesus Christ into the world for. That is why God sent William Branham here in the endtime for; that we might come back under that inspiration and have our nature changed. "Ye must be born again" because you were born wrong by the original sin, that took place in the Garden of Eden. May the Lord bless your hearts