Radio Broadcast #23


"…The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they [were] fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also [is] flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown." (Genesis 6:2-4).

Our subject this morning is on the "original sin", and for a subtitle - "Origin of Giants."

I guess many of us throughout our lives, and many throughout the ages, heard about Giants; and the children especially love to hear stories about Giants, especially David and Goliath. Many preachers for ages and for generations, preached about these giants. But it is very strange, that the thousands of preachers in the past and even presently today, who preached about these Giants and love the story so very well, about David slaying Goliath the Giant, which was a great monstrous fellow, do not always tell us, or even endeavor to tell us where these Giants came from, their origination, and where they went to.

This morning I will attempt to tell of the origin of Giants, and make this statement boldly this morning, that the origin of Giants is because of the original sin in the Garden of Eden. We read in the scripture concerning the creation of God, many things He created; and then He created man last of all on the sixth day; but we never read of the creation of Giants; a great monstrous man that is a super-man, referred to as Giants. Since Giants were not a creation, therefore we want to find out where these Giants originated from. The original sin in the Garden of Eden brought about the origin of Giants.

These things, for ages and generations, preachers and Bible schools and seminaries, the wise and the prudent, they were ignorant of; and they are yet in their ignorance; and many of us were in our ignorance for many years; but something took place upon the face of the earth. A great promise was fulfilled in our time and our age; and that is the promise of Revelation 10:7, "But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets." All the mysteries in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that was written in the Book, that was a parable, that was a mystery from the foundation of the world, were revealed today, by the humble ministry of the angel of God, a man sent of God, anointed by the Spirit of Elijah. The religious world should not be in ignorance concerning these mysteries; but they have committed a great evil, they have committed a great sin, even like their fathers who stoned the prophets, persecuted them, and killed them. This is what happened today; God sent a prophet into the world and used him mightily to unravel these great mysteries. His name was William Branham; a hated name, a despised name, and a rejected name. There is a body throughout this land and throughout the world that are identified with this message and the mysteries that were revealed today.

The mystery of the original sin is only one of these mysteries; and we already have proven infallibly by the Word of God, that Eve never ate an apple; it was an act of adultery. The act of adultery and the act of sex was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, that opened their eyes to cause them to understand that they were naked; and then God passing a curse, He cursed the womb of the woman. That sin could have never been an apple, because there is no law in the scriptures that says, "Thou shalt not eat an apple, apricot or any other kind of fruit."

The origin of Giants came by the original sin that was committed in the Garden of Eden. The serpent had a seed in Genesis 3:15, as certainly as the woman had a seed, which was Jesus Christ, that was born from Mary, who went to Calvary and died on the cross to redeem every sinner, coke addict, adulterer, fornicator, alcoholic or who ever you might be this morning. You are not going to hell because of your sins, yes, but you could very well go to hell for rejecting the pardon and the mercy, and the grace of God that is extended unto you, where Christ can deliver you from your evil habits and your desires.

True Christianity is not just keeping of codes of rules and regulations; but true Christianity is to lose the desires for the things of this world; and it takes a supernatural miracle by a born again experience; and the very reason that you must be born again, is because you were born by the wrong act. Every man that was born upon the earth was born unto trouble, pain and death; and it is appointed unto man once to die and after death is the judgment. But you do not have to die; Christ came to give you life, He came to forgive you; and true Christianity is the forgiveness of sins through the blood of Jesus Christ. If you belong to a bloodless religion today, and you believe that the blood is off the mercy seat, or you do not believe in the blood for the forgiveness of sin, then you are certainly lost.

But here we are my friends; I am saying that the origin of Giants had its genesis right in the Garden of Eden; and in Genesis the Bible said, "And there were Giants in the land in those days, and even after that." We read of the Giants, the sons of Anak in the land of Canaan; and most famous, we read of Goliath who David slew in his days. If you read the scriptures properly, you would see that Goliath even had a brother, who was also a Giant; and we have an account here in Genesis, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all that they chose; and when they came together, the sons of God and the daughters of men, they produced upon the earth a generation of Giants.

The origin of these Giants, my friends, I want to make myself explicitly clear this morning that Cain was the first Giant. He was the son of the beast that was in the Garden of Eden, born from mother Eve. Therefore the Lord never attributed his sonship to Adam; but we notice in the scriptures in Genesis 4, that he had a different lineage all entirely. God separated the lineage of Cain; and then in the 5th chapter, the Lord by Moses, documented the generation of Adam. God had a reason for separating these two genealogies from one another.

In Genesis you would notice how Cain was separated from Adam's lineage; and it went on from the 4th chapter, the 5th chapter of Genesis, unto the 6th chapter; and a very strange scripture that we just read, the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all that they chose; and the Bible immediately said, "and there were Giants in the land in those days." I am here to tell you according to the revealing of the mysteries by our Lord Jesus Christ, that Cain's generation was the generation of Giants, that started in the Garden of Eden; and God seen to it, and righteous men seen to it, that that generation lived separately by themselves as giants, and as Cain's seed, born from the beast, born from the serpent through Eve.

It was not an apple; but it was an adulterous act; and Eve was pregnated with the serpent's baby. Believe it or not, Genesis 3:15 is bearing witness, that the serpent had a seed. That seed was in Eve's womb. Later on my friends, about the time of the flood, these two generations of people, these separate genealogies, these separate people, these separate races crossbred. The thing that angered God mostly, was when these two races of people, the Giant race (Cain's race), and Seth's line (Adam's children, the sons of God), they cross-bred and co-mingled their seed one more time upon the earth, like the serpent cross-bred himself with the human race in the Garden of Eden.

I know this sounds mysterious and fantastic; and to some theologians it may sound foolish, but I again request your challenge to come and prove to me that Eve ate an apple or an apricot and caused all the trouble in the world. Unsaved people from other religions, laugh at the idea that Eve ate an apple and caused all this problem. That is not the case; it's a lie of the devil; she never ate any apple and caused all the problem. The thing that caused the problem was sexual indulgence and adultery; and that is one of the main reason today for a lot of crimes, a lot of domestic violence, yes, adultery, fornication, corruption; and what took place in Genesis 6, just before God destroyed man by a flood, after preaching to them for a hundred and twenty years through His servant Noah, it was these two lines of people, Cain's generation that lived separately, and Seth's generation which came from Adam, that lived separately; and the Bible said, "The sons of God saw the daughters of men." The daughters of men were Cain's children, and the sons of God there referred to Seth's children, and they went and corrupted themselves, they corrupted their seed; yes, they co-mingled their seed, and they repeated the same thing that happened in the Garden of Eden between the serpent and Eve, and they brought forth a gigantic race, and they flooded the earth with a hybrid race of Giants; and from that time giants overspread the earth in that time. Yes my beloved brothers and sisters.

And if this is not so, I want the theologians, and I want the great supermen, yes, and the superpower that call themselves full-gospel; and call themselves the great power of God, and apostles and prophets; and these are the same ones that said that there was no more prophets to come, and condemned William Branham for baptizing in Jesus Christ's Name. They condemned him because he said that a woman should not preach, contrary to the scripture in 1Timothy 2:12, and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. They condemned William Branham because he said , "a woman ought to dress modestly - 1 Timothy 2:9; and above all, they condemned William Branham because he preached the seed of the serpent, telling you that it was sex in the Garden of Eden; it was adultery in the Garden of Eden. We are believers of the revealed mysteries of God today; and we stand in defense of the preaching and the message of William Branham, and in so doing, we stand in defense of the entire Bible and the mysteries revealed today by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore Cain was the progenitor; definitely he was the progenitor of all these Giants. I am telling you this morning my friend out there who are desirous of understanding these things, from whence the Giants came; the origin of Giants; the Giants were on account of the, and the original sin was not eating an apple, it was sexual indulgence in the Garden of Eden; and if you notice that when that beast, which was the missing link between man and chimpanzee, crossed himself with Eve, he was and upright figure, yes, and then God put him on his belly. He was not a snake, and he was not a reptile my friend; he was a beast, he was a standing figure; and then after that co-mingling of the seed, it brought forth a product called Cain. The product that was brought forth called Cain, was the first Giant in the land, and out of him came forth all the other Giants in the land; and they lived separately like I said; but as they went on, in Genesis 6, the two lines of people crossed themselves.

If you notice my friends, that a mule is not an original creation, neither is the gheep an original creation. How did we get the mule? We got the mule by science crossing the horse and the donkey together, and then you brought forth a gigantic beast called the mule. He is bigger than the donkey; he is bigger than the horse, but he is a renegade, he is a rebel. Yes, and so too when the serpent crossed his seed with Eve, she brought forth a rebel against Almighty God, a rebel against the Word of God, a rebel against the son of God, in so much that that Giant killed the son of God; and so too, if you have these kind of traits in you, you better check back your lineage. Your lineage could run right back to Cain. If you are a rebel against God's prophet, rebel against the Bible, rebel against truth, rebel against the preaching of the serpent seed. Yes, and look at the theology of Cain, he brought fruits to the altar. His mother lied to him and told him that she ate an apple; and some of his offsprings still believe that up to today.

So this is the truth of the origin of Giants. The origin of Giants was on account of the original sin in the Garden of Eden that lived separately until the time of the flood. Yes my friend, God rejected the sacrifice of Cain which was just fruits; and he accepted blood in the Garden of Eden. Redemption today is even because of the fall in the Garden of Eden.

Many theologians will tell you, "without the shedding of blood, there is no remission for sin", but let them tell us why? Yes, because they will have to preach the serpent seed and tell you why God required blood; even because blood caused the fall in the Garden of Eden. But thank God today, yes, that the mysteries of God are revealed, and we no longer believe that Eve ate an apple in the Garden of Eden.

I want to thank many of you friends that have responded graciously and faithful, sincerely and truthfully to the preaching of these messages on "the original sin." Certainly God gave you grace to understand, and we want to thank you for your wonderful words. Yes, many requested the tapes, which we sent out, and now it has gone out on tracts. And we are still waiting on the challenge of the theologians, of the great men of God, who have lied to the public for many years, and for many generations, telling them this nonsense that Eve ate an apple and caused the fall. And if you would not believe this as a theologian and a great Bible scholar, of the origin of Giants coming from Cain, I want you to prove to me when God created man in the Garden of Eden; show me where He created a gigantic man called a Giant. You cannot find that! The sixth day was the creation of man, and God only created Adam, and He created Eve, which were people, yes, but there is no account whatsoever of the creation of Giants. Therefore Giants are not a creation, but Giants are a perversion. The same as the horse and the donkey brought forth the mule, oh my friend, the beast in the Garden of Eden and Eve produced a Giant in the Garden of Eden through hybridization, and when you hybrid anything it becomes big. Yes, a bigger corn, bigger fruits, bigger animals, yes, but it is a dead something.

And here we are my friends, yes; the origin of Giants was in the Garden of Eden because of the original sin. Yes, I trust that you will be listening on next Monday morning for the rest of this message on "the original sin"; and remember my friends, I am still waiting for the great doctors of Divinity, and the PHD, and the LLD's to pick up this challenge.

May the lord bless your hearts as listeners, and may He give you grace until He comes the second time to receive His own.