Radio Broadcast #25
Radio Broadcast #25 18.03.02


I wish to read, the twenty-third chapter of Matthew, "Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of Hell?" And it is plainly recorded and plainly taught by our Lord, Jesus Christ that there are serpents, and there is a generation of vipers. The only way that you could justify such a message that our Lord taught you must go back to Genesis. Did the Lord believe in a seed of the serpent? We just read the scripture from Matthew 23. He, our Lord Jesus indeed believed in the doctrine of the serpent seed, and he clearly stated " ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of Hell?" may be their theology bypassed that, but the doctrine of our Lord Jesus, and the gospel of Jesus Christ included the doctrine of the serpent seed.

But, you cannot speak of the serpents and generation of vipers until you go back to Genesis; the fruit that Eve ate in the Garden of Eden was not an apple, because the bible would say, " thou shall not eat an apple". But, the fruit that Eve ate got her wise and got Adam wise that they were naked, and immediately God came down and he asked them, "who told you that thou was naked." And he said, " Has thou eaten of the tree". He related, immediately the knowledge of being naked to the tree and the fruit. Therefore my friends it is not an apple that Eve ate; we concluded and we have thoroughly proven that in the scripture, that it was adultery that Eve committed, and as a result of that she carried the serpent's baby. She was pregnated with the baby of the serpent. That sounds very horrible but it's the truth. In Genesis 3: 15. And theologians preach about the woman's seed, but they fail to preach about the serpent seed. But God sent his prophet today, William Branham by name,

Fulfilling the scripture of Malachi 4: 5&6, and anointed by the Spirit of Elijah. He was used of God to bring forth these mysteries to God's children, and each one of God's children will adhere to the truth today.

That seed of the serpent was in Eve. Being in Eve, Cain was the progenitor of all other children of the Devil. Then you may wisely ask, and sincerely and honestly ask, " is there really a generation of serpents?" Jesus verified that in Matthew 23, and He said, " ye serpents, ye generation of vipers". Therefore, Cain was the progenitor of that race. And to double prove my point my friend, the bible said in 1John 3: 12 that " Cain was of the wicked one", he was the first son of the serpent, yes, the property of the Devil, and later on he became the progenitor of a race of people upon the face of the earth that are actually hybreeded with the serpent.

People today misunderstand that conception of when we preach about the seed of the serpent, they actually think that we are saying that all sinners are serpents and generation of serpents. That is not the truth. That is far, far away from the truth. I believe that any sinner could repent for their sins. I believe that any sinner today can be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. Nor are we saying that because you belong to another organization and another fellowship, that you are one of those serpents and vipers. But people, evil men, will always turn up the things of God, yes, and turn up the truth in order to make it look like if it is some kind of a cult, some kind of ism.

There is a truth concerning this. Eve did commit adultery in the Garden of Eden with the serpent, and he planted a seed in her womb, which was the serpent seed. Yes, my friends! And out of that serpent seed came the original giant, which was never created in the Garden of Eden. Yes, so the giants were not a creation, but the giants are a perversion. And many people, many a time ask how did the serpent seed ever cross over the flood after God destroyed man from off the face of the earth, and you had eight righteous people inside of the ark, how did the serpent seed cross over the flood? There is an answer to this question, and I challenge the theologians to believe what I am saying that the giants were the off springs of Cain, and it was not a creation but it was a perversion; and the very proof that the serpent seed went over the flood, and it was inside of the ark, the bible bears out that fact, even because we had giants over the flood.

We had giants before the flood in Genesis 6, yes, and then after the flood we read in our bible of Goliath, and we read of the sons of Anak, and we read of the other giants in the bible in the land of Canaan, therefore we are proving here that the serpent seed did cross the flood, yes, whether you understand that or not, the fact still remain that there were giants after the flood, therefore if there were giants after the flood there were serpent seeds after the flood.

Yes, my friend, so there we are; there is a generation of serpents, and to double prove that, even up to the time of our Lord, Jesus Christ, he found this generation of people, and he knew that there existed a generation of serpents and a generation of vipers. He knew that there existed children of God like in Genesis 6 " when the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them women of all that they choose," therefore there was only one progenitor, and the progenitor was Cain who was the seed of the serpent, the original seed of the serpent that Eve brought forth into the world, and he was a murderer, yes, and he was a jealous, hateful, wicked spirit, because even the Devil possessed this man, yes, and his character was different from almighty God, and there was only one that had such a character, and that was Lucifer himself. Yes my brothers and sisters.

There is a certain character of the serpent seed, and that character was fully manifested in Eden with the first serpent seed, Cain and he manifested a certain character which all other serpent seeds would manifest towards the Word of God, toward God himself, and towards the servants that are sent upon the face of the earth, and towards the revelation of the hour. Yes, you identify these seeds of the serpents not by what church they belong to, not by what sin they commit, not by nakedness of women, not by adultery, not by the fornication, or homosexuality; many of those are children of God, but there is a certain way to identify these seeds of the serpent, and they behave like their father Cain in Genesis.

And we examine Cain and his characteristics yes. First of all Cain was a rebellious man, he was a self-willed man, he had his own religion, he had his own church, he had his own ideas, he had his own theology and nobody could tell him differently. Yes. And Cain, he just brought fruits there, no doubt believing that Eve ate an apple, and he brought his own ideas, and he built his own religion, and he came to the altar and threw the fruits upon the altar and said, " God take that, that is the best that I could bring." That's the character of the seed of the serpent. And when God turned down this man's sacrifice, this man was angry with God himself.

Yes, those are the characteristics of the seeds of the serpent, they have their own religion, and when God turn them down they are angry. And notice how Cain treated the servant of God, the prophet of God to whom the Word of God came to, Abel; the Word of God came to the prophet, and by revelation Abel offered a better sacrifice that Cain. So the traits of the serpent seed, the characteristics of Cain who was the first serpent seed, was that he could not accept the prophet of the hour, he could not accept the message that came from God, he could not respect the messenger that God sent. He knew very well that Abel was bringing another sacrifice by divine revelation. And no doubt Abel told him that this was the right sacrifice because you are the seed of the serpent, and the serpent is your father, and your mother committed adultery with the serpent in the Garden and her blood was shed in the Garden of Eden. He was the first husband to this woman, and on account of that God required blood from that time.

Yes, all the theologians say that God requires blood, and they preach the blood of bullocks and goats, and they preach the blood of Jesus Christ for salvation. I am asking all these great, wise and prudent, "why"? If you don't believe in the seed of the serpent, why is it that God require blood in redemption? And I am telling you here this morning; Eve's blood was shed by the serpent, and since that time God required blood. Yes, and he required blood of animals first because the serpent was an animal, and since man was included in the fall, he required the blood of a man, that man was Jesus Christ, and you could go free as a sinner today and lose all your appetites for sin.

But there is a generation of serpents today, right today, as it was in the days of Jesus. Yes, and how do you identify these seeds of the serpents, is the same way that we identify the first seed of the serpent, which was Cain in the Garden of Eden. He was a rebellious man, to present revealed truth, to ignore bible revealed truths he was a rebellious man, rebellious to God's servant, rebellious to God, had his own religion and had his own way. And how did Jesus ever identify this generation of serpents is under consideration right now. Here my brother, I read directly from the scriptures. And he started preaching to a religious bunch of people, oh! Religious like Cain. Have their own doctrines. Have their own bible schools. Have their own theology. Oh yes! No body could tell them differently. And the very Messiah came down to them, and they argued with the Messiah. They had their own theology, their own ideas, their own self-will, but God was bringing a true message to the world regardless of the bible they had, regardless of what truth that they had.

God was bringing a fresh message to the world. And, we believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is unchangeable, but yet God sent a prophet today to bring us back to the true gospel that we had drifted away from. Yes, and hear the arguments for yourself in the scripture, how Jesus identified these seeds of the serpents. Hear: " woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! Because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchers of the righteous, and say, if we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of Hell?" Jesus is identifying a group of religious men, PHD, LLD, yes, and all kinds of names. But here he is identifying the generation of the serpents in a certain way, and that is my friend, they could not recognize the present truth of the hour because they were tied down in their theology; lovers of money, lovers of sin, lovers of self, and he came with a message of rebuke just like William Branham, coming today with a message of rebuke, and when he rebuked them, my beloved, they hated William Branham throughout the religious world.

Yes, my friend! Jesus said the serpent seed would kill the prophets, they would hate the prophets. They would persecute the prophets. They would reject the message of the prophets. Hear my friends, and when God sends a message upon the face of the earth, and people that call themselves religious would persecute that prophet, and persecute the message, and persecute the believers of that message, you don't have to ask who they are, Jesus is saying who they are. He said " ye serpents ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnations of Hell". Here he is saying "wherefore behold I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes; and some of them ye shall kill and crucify, and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city".

That's the characteristics of the seed of the Devil. They cannot accept the prophet of the age. They cannot accept the message of the age. They cannot humble down to a message that God send into the world, and like wise it is today. That is why William Branham was rejected. That is why they hate William Branham. That is why many in the religious world hate the people that follow this message, but the people that follow this message, they love the Lord, and they love the prophet, and we love this message. We are not ashamed to be identified with the message of the hour, it is true. In St. John 8 he said, " Ye are off your father the Devil he was a murderer from the beginning." Cain was the first murderer, the Devil was inside of him, therefore the Devil was a murderer from the beginning. Cain was a progenitor of these seeds of the serpent.

I assure you that they are here now upon the face of the earth fighting the Word of God, and perverting the message of the hour, and perverting the bible, perverting the very true message that God sent upon the face of the earth. Anything that willfully perverts this message of the hour is a seed of the serpent. That's the truth. The bible said in Jude 1-4 they crept in unawares ordained to this condemnation.